I am Stavros Korokithakis, I’m Greek, and currently live in Thessaloniki, after a brief stint in London.

I am the founder of Stochastic Technologies, a software development company, and also the founder of a few startups.

I enjoy socialising, programming, reading, and the hours after midnight. I also enjoy writing short, succinct sentences that end abruptly. I’m really bad at writing bios but it turns out that I have to, now, as the image on the right will overflow past the bottom bar if this text is too short. I think this sentence should do the trick, actually, so I’ll stop it now.

There, that looks much better.

You can contact me at hi@stavros.io, if you want. The ID of my PGP/GPG key is 0xCD4C2A63.

Stuff I’ve done

Here are links to thinks I’ve done that might be interesting, but not interesting enough to put anywhere else:

Conference talks

So you think you can validate email addresses, a lightning talk I gave at FOSDEM 2018 about email validation.

We’re going to talk about NoSQL, you can’t join, a talk about databases I gave at Voxxed Days Athens 2019.

Pretend you know Python with Machine Learning, a hastily-recorded talk about successfully faking code knowledge with AI.

That’s pretty much it. I’ve done nothing else.