WARNING: These were written decades ago, and are mostly obsolete and here for historical purposes. However, it is a testament to Microsoft’s dedication to backwards compatibility that most of these still run (I assume, anyway).

Here are various programs you can download, just click on their name. They are all very small (the largest is no larger than 200 KB) and they’re all freeware (except Snoop).

PictView 3.2.0

PictView is a very small picture viewer which supports bitmaps, GIFs, JPEGs, metafiles, icons and cursors. It has many features, including slideshow, fullscreen viewing, printing, soundfile preview, text viewer et al.

Memory Game 1.0.7

Memory Game is a very addictive game where you have to match two boxes of the same color. It is simple to learn but very fun to play.

Snoop 1.2

Snoop is a connection relayer with a twist. Other people can connect to snoop and view (only view, not send) the connection traffic remotely. Options include password authentication (this tool is used for MudTV). There are also two commands, “ban <ip>” and “unban <ip>”. The banned IP list is not saved after exiting. This program is trialware, you can only have two clients connect to you in the trial version. You can have a practically unlimited number of people connect in the registered version.

Remote Infrared Control 1.0.4

If you have an IR (Infrared) port in your computer, you can use RIControl to control your applications using an ordinary remote control from a TV or stereo. IRControl is completely configurable (even contains its own scripting language), and with the integrated Artificial Intelligence, you can teach the program what the remote control buttons are. This means that the program does not have to have the buttons programmed inside it, but you can use any remote control you want!

LightFusion 2.2.0

LightFusion enables you to embed files in your executables, still leaving them executable. You can then use the Visual Basic module provided to extract the embedded files at runtime. If anybody could make any modifications to the module, fix any bugs, make it more efficient or write a module for another language, please send me the module along with a text file describing the changes you have made.

Word Game 1.0.0

Word Game is a simple yet addictive (have I said that before?) game, where you and the computer have to write one letter at a time taking turns. Whoever spells a word out first, wins. The concept of this game was by Nick Georgadonis.

TraP 1.0.0

TraP (stands for Tray Pager) is a very small program that resides in your system tray, allowing you to communicate with your friends. TraP currently has 2 text boxes, one for the IP address of the user you want to message, and one for the actual message. Type a message in the large box and press enter to send. Includes VB source code.

Postman 2.1.1

Postman is a very small e-mail checker and sender, which resides in the system tray. It checks your POP3 server for any new messages and alerts you if you have any NEW mail and tells you how many messages you have. It can also send “anonymous” e-mail using the built-in client. Featuring encryption, Postman never stores your password unencrypted. This ensures that noone will know your password but you.

Word Generator 5.7.2

This application is useful for generating names for stories, programs, etc. It has many options and produces some nice words. There is also names file support, and WordGen files, a special rules format.

Encrypter 1.0.0

Encrypter is a small application that encrypts files using strong RC4 algorithm, written by David Midkiff. Just enter the file, password, and select encrypt/decrypt. Don’t use it to encrypt very important data, use PGP instead.

Net Workshop 4.5.1

Net Workshop is a collection of TCP and UDP servers, clients and relays, all in one application. Very useful if you want to troubleshoot your network or learn how other applications work. Featuring AutoUpdate, you can download the latest version without leaving Net Workshop’s IDE! NetWorkshop now features Web Browser, FTP Client, File Transfer and Connections windows (shows currently open connections, listening ports, etc).


Does exactly what regsvr32 does. It doesn’t uninstall .dlls though, I think.

Messager 3.0.0

Messager generates standard message windows with the title, caption and icon you specify. You can set the time at which the message window will pop up, and you can save the title, caption, etc., and reload it later. Messager now features scripting, enabling you to execute any VBScript command.

WoMan 3.1.0

WoMan is a fast Wordlist Manipulator (hence the name). It can sort a wordlist (sorting is lightning-fast, uses the QuickSort algorithm, one of the fastest available), kill duplicates, count words, randomize a file, convert wordlists, and more. All of the functions were written to be as fast as possible, but unfortunately the program has to load the entire file before it can process it (a good rule of thumb is to load files only as large as the system’s RAM divided by 8). WoMan now comes with 6 32-bit console utilities which are about 40 times faster than the WoMan executable - Split, Join, Line counter, Duplicate killer, Text to Wordlist and Unix to DOS converter.

Anagram Solver 1.0.1

Anagram Solver is a program that will help you decrypt your anagrams. All you have to do is specify a wordlist and an anagram, and the program will search the wordlist and find all possible matches. The package contains three programs, Anagram Solver, Anagram Solver C edition, and Anagram Solver Windows C edition (MUCH faster).

RemBOt 2.1.0

Have you ever tried to use BackOrifice to fix a problem on a friend’s computer, only to find that he doesn’t know his I.P. address, and you don’t like using Rattler because you don’t like all that spam mail? Or, do you have BO installed in the computer at home and would like to access it from work, but you can’t because it has a dynamic I.P. address? RemBOt is here to change all that. With RemBOt, you will be notified every time a BO server logs on, not by e-mail but by a message from RemBOt. You can also launch the BO Client directly from RemBOt.

EfEx 1.0.0

EfEx draws functions on the screen (e.g. Sin(x)). It is not meant to be a professional tool, but rather a program with which you can experiment with different types of functions. Type “h” on the screen to get the mini-help.

Psycho 1.0.2

Psycho produces psychedelic shapes using a randomization engine coupled with IntelliDraw technology. Click to generate, double-click to clear, right-click to exit.

Cat 2.0.3

Cat is a small server, connect to it at port 4132 and the commands are “get <filename>” and “end”. Only accepts local connections.

ScreenOff 1.0.1

ScreenOff is a “boss screen”. When run, it blanks the screen, so that it appears turned off, and it exits if you click the mouse. A good idea would be to create a shortcut to it, assign a hotkey to the shortcut, and stick a piece of painted scotch tape on the screen LED. That way, when you activate ScreenOff, nobody will be able to tell it’s on, so stop turning the monitor on and off all the time when the boss comes in just to show that you are working instead of playing solitaire :)

Timer 1.0

Timer is a timer (duh).


Crypt is a port of the Unix crypt(3) function to Windows, and is able to generate crypted passwords with salts. I didn’t write this program, it was part of the Cygwin package. I merely compiled it using lccwin.

WavView 1.0.1

WavView is similar to PictView, but it is a .wav file “viewer”. You just browse and it plays the files.

.INF File Generator 3.0

.INF File Generator generates setup .inf files.

.INF File Generator Gold 3.0

.INF File Generator Gold generates .inf setup files. It has many advantages over .INF File Generator. One of them is the ability to run progams after the installation displaying a small window with what setup does at that time. This way you can update help files, run the program so that the user can see it, etc.

Clicker 2.1.0

Clicker helps prevent strain on the wrist and fingers and decreases the possibility of CTS (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome). This program clicks the left mouse button when you leave the pointer in the same position for an amount of time you specify.

HTML Uppercase Converter 1.0.4

Do you want your HTML tags in uppercase (or lowercase) but your WYSIWYG editor doesn’t? Do you keep forgetting to press Caps Lock when writing HTML? This program is the solution. Convert ONLY the HTML tags in uppercase or lowercase, and fine-tune the file before you save it.

Saver 2.0.0

Some (read: many) programs do not support auto save. This program saves your work every X minutes, and all you have to do is specify when and give the application title (if you don’t, the program saves your work in the current application). Note: If pressing Ctrl+S does not save in an application, Saver will not either!

AssKickr 1.0.0

Having read that some people have associated their .exe files with numerous programs, I decided to create AssKickr. AssKickr is very small, and it should be, because the only thing it does is launch .exe files. It is also distributed unzipped, so that it will run immedately. So, if you ever associate .exe files with a program, don’t panic. You don’t have to format your hard drive, you just need AssKickr to help you launch RegEdit and get rid of the association (hence AssKickr). Just replace the program that lauches every time you start an .exe file (the one you associated .exe files with) with AssKickr (this can even be done in DOS). AssKickr will then launch any file in its command line, effectively restoring Windows functionality back to normal. Don’t forget to delete the association afterwards!

HTTP Functions Module 1.1

HTTPLib enables your program to parse HTTP server replies and generate request headers. This enables you to write programs that incorporate HTTP, and retrieve files from HTTP servers without writing any additional code. All you have to do is pass the server reply to a module function, and the function returns the file, headers (or both). The module can even compose basic request headers (“Accept”, “User-Agent” and “Referer” supported).