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The horrors of dining in London

As some of you may know and most of you not care, I am currently in London. London is a rather large city, so you need to have expert help if you’re going to do anything. Well, yesterday the “anything” we wanted to do is eat, and we sure as hell weren’t going to crawl into the first hole that happened to serve leftovers.

In a dire predicament and with precious few (read “no”) ideas, until I remem

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Flash charts

These last few days I have been trying to get my new pet project (Moneygement, it’s going to be a free budget/finances management web app) going. So far I have implemented the OpenID signins (yay for OpenID, I love it, I hope everything that is, was and ever will be uses it) and I have gathered some ideas on the functionality.

So, I was looking

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Mobile phones and SIP

As you already may know, newer phones support SIP (Session Initiation Protocol). SIP is a VoIP protocol supported by most programs/devices (except Skype), which means that you can use your phone to make free calls to other PCs and very cheap calls to landlines from anywhere, depending on your data plan. My data plan is not unlimited but my phone supports WiFi, so I get free calls at home/work.


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Switching to vi - An odyssey

Today I read an article on reddit about vi and vim, and it got me thinking. This editor is almost as old as mankind itself, paintings of the vi UI were found in caves along with the cryptic writing “:wq”. People have been using it for as long as anyone can remember. Wars have been waged for it (mostly with the church of Emacs, what with the crusades and all). One of the most influential editors of

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Apache problems

I recently moved to Slicehost because of their VPS hosting, so now I have a server all to myself. Unfortunately, I managed to screw it up quite badly when I upgraded it to Feisty. Apparently, the latest apache2 has a penchant for spawning 200 processes and eating all the memory, crashing the server. I am trying to figure out how to stop this from happening, but until then this site will crash a lo

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Nonzero Drupal theme

As you have perhaps noticed, I recently installed a new Drupal theme, Nonzero. It is all fine and dandy, but the right sidebar was moving to the left as the text in it grew, and it started to run over the text in the posts, making the layout look bad (particularly in Opera, which I use).

If you are using this theme, the fix is simple. Just add width: 13.

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Wireless problems.

Okay, so I have a WRT54GL running DD-WRT. Many people have those. The problem, however, started when I moved my desktop PC from wireful to wireless. For some reason, My laptop (also wireless) could not reliably access windows file shares. It would access some of the folders some of the time, and most of the folders none of the time.

I toiled and troubled over it to find out what was wrong, but no

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One reason to have sex.

I just read an article that basically argued that having sex saves you money (no prostitute jokes here please), so in the spirit of said article I would like to contribute my own reasons to have sex. Well, actually, it’s only one reason. Here it is:

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On graceful degradation

Oftentimes, when you design programs or objects or anything else, you have to make sure that people who lack certain prerequisites can still use what you designed. They must not fail badly, and they must still be at least a bit usable in extreme circumstances. For example, a car’s doors must always open from the inside, even if the battery is dead and the locks are magnetic. Therefore, the mechani

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The Sims

These last few days I’ve installed and been playing the Sims 2. For those of you who don’t know it, it’s a game where you manage the lives of various people (henceforth called Sims). You have to tell them to get dressed, go to the bathroom, take baths, go to work, flirt with other Sims, buy them the things they need, etc.

My Sims are a normal couple. They have their wants and needs. The father is

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