Python has types. Good types, strong types. Maybe the best types. What I’m saying is, is, they’re good. Very good. How to feel about it?

It’s serious. For years now, we’ve decried types as being too cumbersome, too verbose, and not useful enough. We’ve tied our identity to not having types. We’ve exalted it as the Highest Good. And now Python has them.

As if adding them wasn’t enough, it turns out they’re useful. Like, really useful. You’ve seen the articles, everybody raves about how much easier they make development and how much more maintainable they make the codebase. How should we feel about this?

How we should feel about this

What a difficult question. It takes a really brave article to answer it, and this isn’t that. It feels like being a priest of a religion that predicted an end of the world that didn’t come to pass, or a NoSQL advocate when it turned out that SQL really was better. It shakes you to your very core and leaves you doubting your own identity. There are two ways you can approach this.


The easiest thing to do is to just doubt.


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