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Winning at Candy Crush

The Candy Crush Saga saga

I find Flash games on Facebook great fun. Not playing them, of course, that’s boring. As you may remember from my previous post, “winning at Puzzle Adventures“, I like to take a look into their guts and figure out how they work, and whether or not I can get insane scores with no effort.

When I discovered Candy Crush Saga, I was intrigued. All my friends appeared mad about this game, sending me so many requests for candy that their dentist would surely commit harakiri. I started playing a bit, and it wasn’t long until I had to stop playing, since the game only allows you a set number of lives per hour in an attempt to either extract money from you or coax you into spamming your friends with requests for the game, to increase its popularity.

Cheating at online games

This, however, wouldn’t do, so I fired up the Swiss army knife of web debugging, Charles Proxy (it’s a fantastic tool for this job). I started looking at the requests the game was making to the server, and saw one that looked promising:

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Winning at Puzzle Adventures

A few weeks ago, some friends of mine started playing a Facebook game, Puzzle Adventures. This is a (pretty fun) jigsaw puzzle game, so I played a few levels at some point. The game limits you significantly in many areas (e.g. you can only play three or four games before you have to wait for minutes to play more, or pay). The game is also geared against

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King for a day

Today I learnt that my sister’s house had gotten burglarized (laptop, camera and my two original gameboys with 30ish cartridges gone), who the hell would rob a student’s house?), so I needed a distraction to get my mind off it. Since I like playing 7 Cities on the iPhone, I started a game, and the online high score submission intrigued me, so I thought if I could somehow hack it to put myself in

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