If you haven’t heard yet, let me break the good news to you: Django 1.6 is getting template apps/projects. This means that, when starting a new project, you don’t have to copy your old directories and change stuff around any more, you can just put them into reusable directories (or even repositories) and Django will be able to use them very simply:

django-admin.py startproject --template=/djtemplates/default myapp

I’ve been needing a feature like that for ages, and now I’m giddy with excitement, so, without further ado, let me present to you my project repository, where I’ll be putting some project templates:


Initially, I will include a default template (containing only the bare essentials), structured in the usual way I structure my projects. Other templates will “inherit” from that one and build on it, so another template I am going to add will be the “Persona” template, which will have the appropriate machinery for using Mozilla Persona for authentication out of the box.

I’d welcome feedback/new templates/contributions, so star and fork the repo right now!