Fans of Gmail Checker, rejoice. Your favorite Gmail notifier is back with a vengeance. The slew of changes I made in the last hour is a veritable deluge, but I will attempt to describe them in a few short sentences.

Version 0.1.5, codenamed “SUPER DUPER CHECKER EXTRA WITH 100% MORE PIMP” with IntelliMailAccountLoginPageDerivation technology is now able to open the sign-in pages for your accounts. If you click on an account name on the right click menu, you go to its sign-in page (instead of checking it, as it was before). Also, get this. If you double-click on the icon, it either opens all accounts that have new messages or opens the first account in the list that has new messages (at your preference), or if there are no new messages, just opens the first one. This is ground-breaking stuff, folks.

So, download it from the downloads page and enjoy the unending leetness that my coding skills bring. Also, if you feel like sending me money, don’t bother, I’m already rich (unless it’s in the three-figure range, in which case, please do).