As you already may know, newer phones support SIP (Session Initiation Protocol). SIP is a VoIP protocol supported by most programs/devices (except Skype), which means that you can use your phone to make free calls to other PCs and very cheap calls to landlines from anywhere, depending on your data plan. My data plan is not unlimited but my phone supports WiFi, so I get free calls at home/work.

This is how to use SIP with the Nokia E65 (and most other new S60 Nokia phones, they should be similar):

Before you begin, register an account with VoipBuster (it’s free), then define an internet access point (wireless/GPRS/whatever). Go in the menu, ToolsSettings-Connection>SIP settings and create a profile with these settings:

Name VoipBuster (or whatever) Service profile IETF Default access point Your access point Public user name Use compression No Registration When required1 Use security No

Proxy server settings should all be set to None, except “Allow loose routing” which should be “Yes”, “Transport type” is UDP and “Port” is

  1. Registrar server settings are:

    Server address Realm User name yourusername Password yourpassword Transport Type UDP Port 5060

You should now be ready to make internet calls. When typing a number, you will have the option of making an internet call, which will route your call over the internet. VoipBuster allows you to make some free calls to landlines and cells (I don’t know exactly how many or how long), but from what I hear its fees are low (I’m not using the paid service) and SIP (PC to PC) calls are free.

If you want to add a user’s SIP number to your contact list, you need to add the Internet Telephone element and enter This will allow you to call their PC running VoipBuster by selecting internet call and then selecting the internet telephone number you just entered. Other people can also obviously call your mobile using or just through VoipBuster.

Its quality is great and you can’t beat free.

  1. Setting this to “Always on” will connect you to the service whenever it finds a suitable access point. Otherwise, with “When required”, you will have to go in the menu, ConnectInternet tel.>Registration Status and select the profile to connect to.